Top 10 Driving Etiquette Mistakes and Misdemeanors

By Maureen Condon

The Lane Drifters – endangering everyone on the road!

What’s your take on the Top 10 Driving Etiquette Mistakes and Misdemeanors? And what do you call the people who commit them?

Here’s my take on it! You may beg to differ, and you can do so by posting your comments at the end of this blog.

1. Lane Drifters. Drivers who don’t stay in their own lane and mindlessly drift over the white lines on the highway. Not only is this rude, it’s extremely dangerous and should be a crime punishable by high fines and misdemeanors.

2. Tailgaters. Again, rude and dangerous drivers. Tailgating causes the most serious of accidents. The worst tailgaters are so close you can’t even see their headlights!

3. The No-Win Mergers — Drivers who merge onto a divided highway at a low speed with no regard for the cars already traveling in the right hand lane. If you wait for them, they slow down even more, and if you speed up to safely pass them, they speed up too.

4. Right Lane Dive Bombers – Drivers who merge into the left hand lane of a divided highway and immediately head directly for the far right lane, at a slow speed, with no regard for or apparent awareness of other drivers on the road.

5. Seat Belt Shirkers. People who don’t wear their seat belts deserve to be fined. Let’s face it: if they get in an accident and require extreme medical services, we all pay for their arrogance in high insurance costs.

6. Left Lane Hogs. Drivers who get in the far left lane and go less than the speed limit.

7. Breakdown Lane Vigilantes. Drivers who block the breakdown lane by sticking half of their car into it, so people who legitimately need to use it can’t.

8. Deaf, Dumb and Blind Drivers who don’t pull over for ambulances, fire engines or police cars.

9. Readers, Texters and Groomers who think they can drive and otherwise multitask and not put themselves and all the rest of us at risk.

10. Space Invaders. Drivers who park so close to your car on the driver’s side, even a thin person can’t open the door and get back in the car without a can opener.

I was surprised to find there was little overlap between my list of driving annoyances and the list published by However, I think their top 10 has a lot of merit too!

I bet you can come up with your own top 10 list, and I’d love to read it!

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